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~ WitchCraft/Wicca 101 ~

This section originally was just a list of information which included both WitchCraft, Wicca and materials that went between the two. Since the new site conversion, this section was split to define the information that spans between WitchCraft and Wicca called
General 101, WitchCraft 101 and Wicca 101. Even though some information was just useful to know, I was not happy about the way it all got mixed up together, but I also did not want to disregard information, even though the Wiccan path is not mine own, it is to others which that information might be useful to them. So I hope the re-organization of the 101 section is helpful to you.

General 101

WitchCraft 101

Wicca 101

What Now?

     Ok, I've gone over all this, what do i do now?  Find some more books on the subject and read some more!!!!  One book won't cover it all, it is best that you constantly learn new things to help on your path.  Different subjects such as Divination, Herbalism and crystals are always useful, anything with energy work is also helpful at time.  Even read up on other paths to learn how they do things.  The lessons never stops, there's always more to it.  You can check out the suggested reading section or even the books that are in my collection for other titles and subject that you can read up on.