Annoying neighbor spell



If you want someone to move out of your neighborhood- try this! Best time to cast this spell: sunset on the eve of a new moon

"I Consecrate this circle of power to the ancient Gods.  Here may the manifest and bless their child ."

Move back to the altar, facing east.  Raise your dagger or wand in greeting, say:

"This is a time that is not a time, in a place that is not a place, on a day that is not a day,  "

"I stand at the threshold between then worlds, before the veil of the Mysteries.  "

"May the Ancient Ones, help and protect me on my magical journey."

Set the water chalice on the pentacle disk .  Hold your dagger over it and say:

   "Great Mother, bless this creature of water to your service.   May I always remember the cauldron waters if rebirth."

  "  Great Mother, bless this creature of earth, its many forms and beings"

Sprinkle a little salt into the water, then hold the chalice up high and say:

" Great Father, bless this creature of Fire to your service. "

" May I always remember the sacred Fire that dances within the form of every creation."

Hold your dagger over the incense saying:

"Great Father, Bless this creature of Air to your service"

"May I always listen to the spirit winds that bring me the voices of the Ancient Ones."

Put a little incense on the lighted charcoal.  Do not put too much incense in the burner, as a little hoes a long way in an enclosed room!  Using the attached chains, touch the burner briefly to the pentacle disk, then raise, the burner high, saying:

"Great Father, I give you honor!"

Carry the burner around the circle clockwise, beginning in the east.   Return it to the altar.  Go to the eastern quarter of the circle.  Light the red(yellow) candle and hold your hand up in greeting.  You may also salute the Element with your dagger, sword or wand instead of your hand:

"I call upon you, Power of Air, to witness this rite and to guard this circle."

In the southern quarter, light the white (red) candle and greet the Element:

"I Call upon you Power of Fire, to witness this rite and to guard this circle"

In the eastern quarter, light the Grey (blue) candle and hold up your hand in greeting:

"I call upon you Power of Water, to witness this rite and to guard this circle"

End by going to the north; light the black (green) candle and greet the Element:

"I call upon your Power of Earth, to witness this rite and to guard this circle"

Move back to the central altar, and stand facing east.  Raise your arms in greeting:

"This circle is bound, with power all around"

"Between the worlds a, I stand with protection at hand"

Now Proceed with you planned spellworking or ceremony.




You will need:

A yellow candle

A teaspoon of salt

Half a cup of Olive Oil

A chicken feather


Gather up your ingredients and go to a quiet area in your home where you can be alone

Light the candle and put the salt into the cup of Olive Oil.

Pick up the feather and repeat these words

Cauda Draconis

Help me in my time of need

I want { person's name here }

To move away from me.

In good health let them be

Their possessions -let them keep

Let wheels begin to help them move

To move away from me.

This is my will -so mote it be.


Dip the feather into the Olive oil.   Wipe the feather on the ground in front of your house and near neighbors house (make sure no one sees you!)

When everything is completed, hold your hand or dagger over hte altat and say:

"By the power of the ancient Gods,"

"I bind all the power within this circle Into this spell, So mote it be."

When you are ready to end the ritual. go to the east and extinguish the red (yellow) candle.  Say:

"Depart in peace, O Powers of Air.  My Thanks and blessings"

Go to the south, extinguish the white (red) candle . Say:

"Depart in peace.  O Powers of Fire. My Thanks and blessings"

Go to the East, extinguish the grey (lue) candle and say:

"Depart in pease. O Power of Water.  My Thanks and blessings"

Go to the North, extinguish the green (Black) candle and say:

"Depart in peace, O Power of Earth.  My Thanks and blessings"

Return to the altar in the center and say:

"To all beings and powers of the visible and invisible, depart in peace."

"May there always be harmony between us.  My thanks and blessings"

Cut the circle with a backwards movement of your dagger, or sword to release all remaining traces of power for manifestation. Say:

"This circle is open, yet ever it reomains a circle. Around and through me always flows its magical power."