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Catnip - Tonic, colds, fever, indigestion, flatulence, and colic.

Chamomile Flower - Sedative, indigestion and pain

Cloves - Toothaches, stomach and gas.

Coltsfoot - Disperse illness, pain relief, and cough remedy.

Comfrey - Soothes stomach, heals sprains/strains/fractures, sores, and rheumatism/arthritis.

Damiana - Tonic, aphrodisiac, digestion, and coughs.

Dandelion ~ Tonic, internally cleansing, laxative, skin disorders, and urinary tract infections.

Devils Shoestring- (Magickal)

Eucalyptus - Great healing properties, kills germs/infections, lung congestion, and heart stimulant.

Galangal Root- cleanses system, colds, sore throats, flatulent colic, and stimulates saliva.

Garlic - Colds/flues/infection and reduces blood pressure/cholesterol.

Ginseng - Sexual potency, antidepressant, equalizes blood pressure, and digestion.

Heal All Cut - All-purpose healing and cures sore throats.

Hibiscus Flower ~ Soothes nerves, anti-spasmodic, itchy skin, stomach problems, and sweet breath.

High John ~ (Magickal)

Jasmine - Calms nerves, snakebites, and eye problems.

Juniper Berries ~ Digestive problems, intestinal cramps, diuretic, and arthritis.

Kava Kava ~ Very effective aphrodisiac.

Lavender - Stomach problems, nausea/vomiting and freedom from stress

Lemon Verbena- (Magickal)

Mandrake* - (Magickal)

Mistletoe - Hypertension, epilepsy, menstrual problems, headaches, hemorrhaging, and circulation.

Mugwort - Appetite and digestion

Mullein ~ Expectorant, lung ailments, diarrhea, and hemorrhoids.

Nettles ~ Anemia, skin disorders, allergies, coughs, and stops bleeding.

Nutmeg* ~ Appetite, digestion, and mild hallucinogen.

Orris Root ~ Bronchitis/coughs/sore throats.

Passionflower - Relieves nerve pain, seizures/hysteria, restful sleep, calming, and emotional balance.

Patchouli ~ (Magickal)

Pennyroyal ~ Repels insects/calms itch, antiseptic, nausea, colds, and stimulates menses. (Not if pregnant.)

Peppermint ~ Upset stomach, heartburn, nausea, cold/flu, and calming.

Rosemary - Circulatory, digestive, nerve stimulant, memory, headache, depression, and halitosis.

Red Rose ~ Headaches, dizziness, mouth sores, menstrual cramps, and heart/nerve tonic.

Rose Hips ~ Vitamin C source, cold/flu, laxative, and acne.

Sage ~ Tonic, antidepressant, wounds, digestion muscle/joint pain, gargling, mid cold/fever.

Salt Petre ~ (Magickal)

Red Sandalwood ~ Bruises, fever, and indigestion.

Yellow Sandalwood ~ Indigestion, fever, and skin problems.

Skullcap - Tranquilizer, sedative, drug/alcohol withdrawal, and PMS.

Sea Salt ~ (Magickal)

St. John's Wort ~ Wound healing, immune system stimulant, headaches, insomnia, and antidepressant.

Sulfur ~ (Magickal)

Tonka Beans* ~ (Magickal)

Valerian Root ~ Calms nerves, sleep aid, reduces blood pressure, and nervous conditions.

Vervain ~ Minor pain/inflammation, restful sleep, and calming.

Wormwood* - Stomach disorders, expels intestinal worms... SMALL DOSES.

White Sage ~ (Magickal)


*Use EXTREME caution! These herbs are toxic/poisonous.


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