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~ Using Crystals to Heal Mental Distress ~

     In this article, we will cover how crystals can help heal/relieve some common metal distress that tends to affect everyone at one point or another. Not everyone has gone through these types of mental distress, but this might help you or someone else that might currently be experiences these mental states.

     The nervous system is a complex web of neurons that helps coordinates and controls actions of internal organs and body systems, receives and processes sensory information from the external environment and coordinates short-term reactions to these stimuli. The Central Nervous System (CNS) is a division of the nervous system that includes the brain and the spinal cord. Central is the correct term considering that if there is something wrong with the brain or spinal cord, it will affect the rest of the body. So as you can see, there are close links between the nervous system and the mind. When the nervous system is out of balance, the mind will be affected, which can cause emotional issues such as depression, stress, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence and concentration. 

     Mental stress can affect you both physically and mentally. Physically speaking, stress can cause disturbances in your sleep, back, shoulder or neck pain, migraine headaches, fatigue, high blood pressure, shortness or breath, irregular heartbeats, etc. Mentally, it can cause insomnia, memory loss, frustration, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, phobias, overreactions, and lack of concentration. 

     There are a number of ways on how crystals can be used a number of ways to help deal with the mental stress that you are experiencing. You can wear it as a pendant or earning, place it around your head while in a relaxed state (meditation or sleep). Even holding a crystal that is known to help with calming (for example: Amethyst) can be helpful in times of mental stress. If you need something to aid in concentration and mental focus you can use quartz on your desk or put it in your pocket. As you can see, there are a number of way that crystals can be used to help deal with stress.

     Certain crystals can be used help heal certain aspects of the mind. Always remember that the color of the crystal can also play an important role in the healing process. The color green is a soothing color to balance energies and has been known to help with; repressed emotions, mood swings, temper and depression. Using a Green Jade can help to calm the nervous system, allow the mind to focus and counteracts depression, and creates calm, peace, and harmony. The color blue has been known to help with; trouble relaying thoughts, being uncommunicative and depression have known the color blue. Aquamarine can help filter mental information, sharpen perception and help you communicate your thoughts clearly. This gemstone can also aid in banishing fears, doubts and phobias, while helping you to become more tolerant and take responsibility for your life and actions.

     The color purple has been known to help with severe mental disorder, psychic and spiritual detachment and hallucinations. Which brings us the Amethyst, which is a powerful mental healer that has the ability to sooth the nervous system, aids in neural transmission, focuses realistic goals, and boosts memory. Amethyst is a major player for healers. Even though amethyst is mostly associated with the Brow/6th chakra it also has the abilities to calm mental disorders, purifies the blood, boosts memory, find realistic goals, strengthens the immune system, help with insomnia, and balances and heals all chakras. Amethyst will help reduce the mental burdens and allow you to focus on realistic goals. 

     Topaz is also another good source to help relieve stress. In general Topaz has been known to help with high blood pressure and to help relieve depression. A gold or yellow Topaz can help calm anger and heal the mind if worn on the left hand or arm. A white Topaz can also help the mind with intellectual focus.

Stressed because you are lost in thought?

     Many people will or have experience difficulty in focusing and controlling their thoughts. When your mind flutters from one thought to another, while you are trying to focus on the task at hand, it can get a bit frustrating and you end up getting lost in your own thoughts. Not only are you lost and confused, but you are also stressed out because you are lost and confused. There are a number of things that you can do to help relieve this kind of stress and help you focus on the task at hand. 

     Crystal Quartz has many uses; one of them is to help with mental clarity and focus. Clear Crystal Quartz is an emotional balancer that can stimulate the thinking processes. It also repels and destroys negative energies and vibrations, not only in the body’s energy shields, but also in the surround environment (which can also be one of the reasons why you cannot focus on the task at hand).

     Fluorite is another useful crystal that can help with concentration. Fluorite helps to ground excessive energy, particularly mental, emotional and nervous energy. It is excellent for cleansing the aura and can also get rid of any cording (unwanted attached energy lines from other people, which can also be a reason for the extra thoughts that are running in your mind) that may occur. Nicknamed the “genius stone,” fluorite, is excellent for study and work areas. It helps the mind to stay focused on the current task at hand. 

     Stress can have a huge negative impact on your life and those around you. Do what you can to get rid of it; hopefully some of the crystals listed in this column can help you or others out. Remember, crystals are here to help aid you, but a majority of the work will still come from you.


Posted in in Novemeber 2006 by Chronos