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~ Using Crystals For Protection ~

    For some reason I feel that I should mention on how crystals can be used for protection. There are a lot of negative energies that surrounds us, and I have been noticing strange things occurring due to this negative energy. It's not just with me but with other people as well. Therefore I feel that I should inform you the ways that crystal that can be used to help guard against these negative energies.

    It doesn't matter where you are; the air is full of negative energies. The earth itself carries negative forces such as water lines, which create geopathic stress, and naturally we get to help add to the negative energy that is carried around the earth. All the cables that we use to help carry electricity from place to place, antennas that transmit radio, television, and cell phone signals to almost every corner of the earth. This doesn't include any residual energy that is left in our homes from previous owners or tenants, or that from our neighbors. Or the electromagnetic fields that are carried in our homes and at work by the computers, TV, radios, etc. Some of these electromagnetic fields are strong enough to cause illnesses such as cancer and/or leukemia. These energies are transmitted at frequencies that are invisible to the naked eye. Even other people’s negativity can deplete your energy by picking up on their thoughts and feelings.

    Lucky for us, crystals can help protect you and your surroundings by offering a safe way to counteract the pollution of negative environmental and personal energies. Little things such as placing a Fluorite or Quartz cluster by your computer can help neutralize the electromagnetic fields that are emitted from your computer. Other crystals such as Smoky Quartz can help absorb geopathic stress, Black Tourmaline can help deflect psychic attack (deliberate ill-wishing), and Amber or Bloodstone can help cleanse negative energies. Rumor has it, that you can also place crystals in the direction of your noisy neighbors to help calm them down, but the local police always worked well for me.

Ways to Protect Your Physical Space:

    Our space…our spaces are scared to us, we enjoy the space that we have whether it’s 5 ft in parameter from our bodies, our cars, homes, cubical, or a separate room. All the more reason to help protect the areas that we enjoy so much. Besides the fact that crystal are beautiful to look at, their energy gently deflects negative energy and introduce positive energy that can help us feel better. They will absorb excess energy and boost depleted energy, which will help bring harmony and protect your space.

    It’s all a matter of placing it in the right spot to help bring protection and harmony to your space. For example, using a protective crystal outside the front door will help guard the whole house. The crystal can help tell you where to place it, while other spots are obvious. To help create an electromagnetic-free zone, you can place a Quartz or Fluorite cluster by the computer or television set. If you wanted encourage love and harmony in the bedroom, place a Rose Quartz by the bed. Burying some quartz crystals at the four corners of your property can help protect your house from negative energy or those that wish to do you harm. You can even use Turquoise or Tourmaline to help deflect the negative energy around your home by placing it outside your front door. If the crystal has a pointed/terminated end, place the point away from your own home to help deflect the negative energy or to transmute it into positive energy.

    Work places can be stressful. If it is not the demands of the job, it’s the people. By placing a Smoky Quartz crystal on your desk can help protect you from other people’s stress and frustration. You can program your Smoky Quartz to create a protective bubble around your area. If the job itself is stress full, you will find holding a calming crystal such as Rose Quartz or Amethyst very help full. Those are 3 stones that I use myself on my regular workdays.

Ways to Protect Your Spiritual Space:

    When I mention Spiritual Space, I mostly referring to your Aura. An aura is a subtle body of energy that surrounds our physical bodies. It is vital, energetic, colorful, and vibrating energy that is invisible to the naked eye. It has different layers of multi-colored bands that delineate “your space” or “personal space”. When someone comes too close to you and enters you auric field, you tend to feel invaded. When they are functioning properly, the can repel other people’s energy and protect against energy leakage. But like everything else, they can be damaged by stress and other factors. So if your aura is not strong, external energies, thoughts and feelings can penetrate the aura and you will start to feel invaded.

    This is where crystals can help strengthen, clean and protect your “personal space.” By strengthening your aura, you make it nearly impossible (I can’t say impossible because pretty much anything is possible if you try hard and long enough) for other people to easily penetrate your personal space. By strengthening your aura you would not longer pick up their thoughts and feelings, or keep them from leaching off your energy. Using crystals such as an Apache Tears and Fluorite can help create a protective shield around your aura.

    Psychic Vampires, no not vampires that will tell you that your going to die in the near future but leave out the fact that the only reason why your are going to die is because they sucked out all your blood. These psychic vampires will feed off other people’s energy instead of blood. It’s almost like they just pull a plug and all your energy starts to drain from you and leaves you feeling exhausted. Some people don’t even know that they are doing it, while others will do it intentionally. You can use Green Aventurine to help shield your heart energy from vampirism and Labradorite can help prevent energy loss. Using a Black Tourmaline will not allow a psychic vampire to get to close to suck your energy. Quartz Crystals can also be used to cleanse, protect and increase your auric field, also seal any holes.

    This was one of the things that prompted me to do a piece on protection, specifically on psychic vampires. I’ve heard of some people in forums ask about psychic vampires and what is psychic attack. A few months ago I learned that the vampire cults are no longer sucking actual blood at their gatherings. Since there are a number of diseases that are carried in the blood stream, it has become risky to continue doing it. So now instead of blood vampires, they are now psychic vampires. There are taught how to drain the energy of their victims/slaves. Of course they do have a set of rules that they are suppose to follow. One of them is that the victim must agree to have their energy drained. Which is good that they try in have a set of guidelines that keeps them from doing it at random, but there is always a few people who wish to stray from the rules. If they are intentionally doing it or by accident, it is important that you know it’s going on, and how you can protect yourself from it.

    Psychic attack occurs when someone deliberately or inadvertently, sends thoughts to you or wishes something bad would happen to you. There are many reasons why someone would do this to you. Either out of jealousy, envy, anger, or ignorance they will wish that harm comes your way. By wearing a Black Tourmaline crystal as a necklace can help defect the energy away from you. Using a Fire Agate can reflect the attack back to its source so that the source can understand the effects of such thoughts. Using Rose Quartz can replace the aggressive energy with love. Quartz Crystals can also be used to cleanse, protect and increase your auric field, also seal any holes.

    Over all, there are a lot of things that can affect us, even though we are not completely aware of it. The point is to be aware of the negative energies that are around you on a daily basis, once you are aware of it, you can start protecting yourself from it. You will start noticing a change on the way you are and the way you feel when you no longer have these negative energies to influence your life.

Posted in in March 2007 by Chronos