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     I am sure that you have notice that there has not been much updates on this site for a while. This is due to the fact that I am currently in the process of re-writing the content of the site. There are sections that are currently incomplete due to it referencing a part of another section from a book which a link on where you can buy that book. This is something that I am getting rid of and replacing it with my own content. I am still going to have the two different sections to inform you about the difference between traditional ways and wicca.

     The original paganlore site that was created by Bayowolf and Erzsebet was coverted into e-Book format and can be downloaded by clicking here.  The old url for that site will point to the ebook as well.

    I’m also rewriting the content of the site to help convert it to a free ebook format. The content will contain mostly the instructional and information sections, the herbal database or the Spells database will not be included. Currently there is no release date for the eBook version of the paganlore site.

     My name is Chronos and  I have been studying the ways of Celtic Based WitchCraft for the past 21 yrs., still a student.  This site was constructed to help my self and others to learn more about WitchCraft in General.  I have gathered a number of information about WitchCraft from over the web,books, classses and personal experiences.  Please take a look around and enjoy.  If you have any question or information the you wish to upload onto this site, Send me an email 

     Please check out the Grimoire and enjoy.  It is easy to use plus your can run a search for a spell.  Also Check out our new Herbal Database with new addtions to the search function to help you find what you are looking for quick and easy..  I am still adding herbs to this list but it should make finding the information a lot easier.  Also the entire site is printer friendly so enjoy!

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